Another shitty day that started out somewhat good by being responsible for all the drinks and snacks at next week’s work summer party. Quite fun. Work works. Somehow. But after that it’s been downhill. Issues issues issues. And not wanting to exist because where the fuck in this puzzle called life do I fit in? A C-grade actor playing a minor role in a show that nobody watches. Feeling like a burden to everybody. It’s always a pleasure to doubt your self worth. Almost as fun as feeling like a complete failure. Oh yeah, apart from that one thing you spent fifteen years in front of a computer learning.

Want to get out of town and be alone for a week or two. Where I don’t feel like I’m alone in the midst of happy people. Laughing faggots. Cuddling couples. Farting dogs. And gay hipsters. Not to mention all the political crap that I don’t give a fuck about. Stuff that just breeds hate and create gaps between people. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything. Hating on people that don’t deserve any hate. Very mature Michael. Then again, who said I was mature. Gladly this is my dominion and on here I can say what the fuck I want. What a relief.

Wasting time by lying in bed all evening wishing that something would happen that would pull me out of this shithole where I feel like a useless bystander. But what would that be? Sometimes I’m the most easy person to please. More often I feel like a spoiled brat that don’t appreciate anything. Right now it feels like nothing suffices. Awesome. Valium, thanks.

Ha ha ha ha. I’m laughing at you life. You are so funny. A play full of irony. I appreciate the sentiments. Now leave me alone and let me sleep.

But hey, don’t pay any attention to all this crap. It’s just weird thoughts that’s supposed to exist only in my head and never be spoken of. Because this is a world of perfection. And in that world we are all sane, neutral beings that express more or less only good things. Otherwise we are odd and irritating. A stain on the perfectly white carpet. Tainting the presence of the beautiful and happy people.