Today I’ve learnt a new word and I’ve found this amazing girl’s blog. Not that I follow blogs manically but it was a good read anyway.

Had sushi by the lake with S today. I like when we get the opportunity to leave work and sit and talk for a while. Always nice. I like the atmosphere at work in general right now. Anyway, we’re similar too, when it comes to our ups and downs. Maybe hers are a bit worse than mine, I don’t know. And we were talking a bit about that, and how strange it is. How quickly it can change from one mood to another. Why it’s like that and what the fuck goes on.

Yesterday I went to the movie theatre together with a couple of friends. Watched Godzilla. Pretty epic movie. I just wish I could’ve felt the same childish joy as I did with Pacific Rim. All in all a really good film though. Watch it if you like monster movies or just the old school Gojira flicks. It’s a shame I have to feel that slight anxiety whenever I go to the cinema these days. Constantly fighting over my fucked up mind. Glad I’m able to defeat it somewhat at least.

Blah. Feel like there’s something deep down needed to be vented again. And I wish I could. But unfortunately there are no tears today. Maybe this weekend with some help from my dear friend Mr Alcohol. That and sappy movie. As for now I just want to bury myself again, the way me and my friend talked about today. Self destructive behavior. I can somehow imagine what those poor self cutters feel like. When you can’t be happy you can at least control it the other way around.

Night peoples~