This post really should have been called a house by the lake considering it would be fitting for how I spent my weekend, but given that this is my 300th post I reconsidered. ‘Tis been a while since I last wrote. I don’t really have a whole lot to share and not a whole lot of energy either for that matter.

Spent the weekend with some of my best friends in Sarah and Björn’s summerhouse. Just relaxing, enjoying nature, eating lots of good food and snacks, talking and generally having an awesome time. You know you had a good time when you literally forgot your phone and to snap photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to go there again this summer 🙂

Today has been slow and just a waste of time. Haven’t really done anything after coming home from work 7pm. It astounds me, my mood. People tell me I’m usually really cheerful and fun to be around. And it’s true, I’m not faking it. But it goes both ways. Some days I just feel excessively empty and I don’t feel like doing anything. The time is just wasted. Odd.

I’ll be sleeping early today and longing for the weekend. Night lovebirds~



Photos by Andreas & Sarah