Yeah! Evening lads. Laddies. Ladies. Lads and ladies. Evening!

Just came home from a short walk on this lovely, albeit a bit rainy, Tuesday night. I feel great. Like I said, I’ve been living the good life for a couple of months now. Beer. Sausage. Candy. Snacks. Ice cream. Alcohol. Pair that with no exercise what so ever and you have a nice recipe for toning your body perfectly. So yeah. I have two months before my vacation to get in some kind of shape. Because I know I won’t be doing anything but indulging in aforementioned stuff during those blessed four weeks. So, better live poorly now when I’m suffering from work all day.

The plan? Walks 4-6 days every week. The Plank Challenge. And extremely restricted intake of snacks and the sorts. We’ll see how far it goes.

Look at this sexy faggot! Instead of giving you the before/after image when I have something to be proud of I’m giving you the before images in all their sexy glory. Sweet, eh?!


Now I’m going to watch Sweclockers’ latest chassis review and continue with Walking Dead. Sweet dreams babycakes!

PS. I ordered this epic thing today. DS.