Heeeey blog~

I can get used to working 3-4 days a week and being free the rest. I think I’ve said it before. It’s working, no pun intended. It really is. The bad part is of course the slight angst you’ll have to deal with once you’re sitting there on Sunday evening, realizing that… damn, it’s work tomorrow. Not that it’s too bad but still. It IS worse than being with friends and having a good time. It really is. Wonder what you’d have to be working with to feel properly excited when at work.

Apart from the latter part of this day these past days have been pretty darn amazing. What you want life to be made up of really. Been treated to dinner by mom and dad who celebrated 35 years together. Long live them! Did some network structuring at work. Got treated to tacos by friends. Tried a delicious new rum. Barbecued with friends. Went to this year’s first large scale RC meet-up. Watched Divergent. Listened to epic music. Been to the toy store with an excited kid. But yeah, mostly friends. You’re all awesome and you know who you are! ♥

Now I’m going to eat some snacks, drink rum and end this short vacation with a movie or TV show. Last snack for quite a while. Tomorrow I’m going to have to start a healthier period of my life again as I’ve added some unnecessary weight lately. Been living the ‘good life’, hehe. Anyway, I wonder what it’ll be, Supernatural, The Walking Dead or a tear-jerking romance flick? Haha.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams~

PS. Kids still scare the crap out of me. They’re awfully cute and charming but oh gosh they feel so fragile and you have no idea how to behave. Sometimes in the future I’ll be sure to utter the words ‘Son, I’m your gawky father’ to my future son. DS.

It’s finally neat and all connected \o/


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That’s a whole lot of cars. And money.


Oscar and Christina’s cutie Matilda


H.E.A.T – Laughing At Tomorrow
H.E.A.T – Eye for an Eye
H.E.A.T – Mannequin Show
H.E.A.T – A Shot At Redemption
H.E.A.T – We Will Never Die