Days flash by. Days that almost feel like summer. I wonder when there’ll be a setback. Hopefully not too soon! There’s been a couple of good days lately. Like most days these days. Days. Dagarna på dagarna på dagarna. Like Mads would have put it. An interesting day in Norrköping with many talented guys. Wish we could have stayed longer. Got to sleep in a fab bed. Helped a friend out with his computer and got to meet his kids and his wife. Very pleasant. Celebrated my little cousin’s second birthday and had delicious cookies and cake. Hung out down by the lake and had the first real barbecue of the year. Pretty effin’ great. I have a feeling this will be a good summer, but let’s not raise the expectations too high, now shall we? Two days of work then four days of freedom again.

This morning was fun by the way. Woke up and no water. And of course no warning from the landlord. Going to work with spiky hair, a bad breath and sweaty clothes is not an option. Was fortunate enough to be able to hitch a ride with Anna to mum and dads so that I could take a shower. Arrived a bit late to work but all was well. Sigh. Not as bad as the morning when I had an important meeting and the water stopped coming halfway through a shower. Oh the panic.





And two interesting stories from today. First, the worst video game in the history of man. Apparently. E.T. the video game. I know I heard about this a couple of years back and how it’s creators dug it down to hide how poorly it sold. Apparently some guys decided to find out if there was any truth to the story.

Onto the second one. Lag – particularly in video games – can be extremely frustrated. To demonstrate how tough it is to deal with lags some clever guys decided to illustrate how hard it would be to live with lag when it came to our own sight. Using a camera and Oculus Rift they set up this pretty funny demo.

Sleep tight and sweet dreams lovebirds~