Today was another good day albeit a bit slow at work. It’s never really too fun when your tasks are too many and it all ends up being a bit fragmented. Especially if many of those tasks are like.. stuff that’s supposed to work but that doesn’t. Just feels like wasted time. Should work to begin with really. So yeah, not getting a whole lot done. But yeah, having a somewhat good feeling none the less. Was chatting with the new gal at work today, who also happens to be the same person that had some trainee time a couple of years back. Was nice. Sitting in the sun talking is good. Talking in general is good. That’s the essence of life for me now. Connecting with other human beings. Taking their lives in and giving something in return.

Haven’t done a whole lot today. Been having that feeling tonight that I just wanted someone over. Someone to sit with and talk to the entire night. But at the same time I didn’t feel like I could demand that from someone today. People are busy with their lives. So I’ve been doing next to nothing. Though I plan on watching something before falling asleep. Which must be quite soon given that I have to get up early tomorrow. This service dude is going to show up and fix some stuff at work. In the evening we’re traveling to Norrk√∂ping for a conference on Friday. Hoping to grab a beer or two before hitting the hotel bed.

So yeah, good feelings still. But a bit blah. Being a social creature is sometimes not so awesome. Wish I could turn some of that old me back on sometimes. The guy that could sit and just get lost in games, movies and series for hours. Alone. Kinda miss that. But I don’t miss the life so.

Take care guys. Meep~