Evening guys and gals~

Just came home to my little cat after having stopped by at a couple of friends after work. What a lovely day. Sun is shining. Slow day at work. Meaning, not too much to do, not slow time wise. Got treated to coffee and cookies, a hug from the cutest little lady I’ve ever seen, garlic salami and lots of laughs. Friends <3 But now I'm eager to have a cold beer, chips and watch an episode or two of some good series. But first I wanted to share some good news! Some of you might remember the site I wrote about a while back that we worked our asses of with? It was for Bolon's new collection Silence. To quite the surprise the site managed to grab an award in the Milano Design Awards for best web. That's... well, surprising. But awesome! It's always nice to get some recognition, especially after hard work. So yeah. Cheers! Our colleagues got us champagne and a little friend..


Quite a nice way to kick of the week if you ask me! And soon there’ll be four days of vacation as well. Easter is coming up! We’re having an easter party with a couple of friends. Looking forward to that. Apparently I’m responsible for the sausage and the omelet. We’ll see how that goes~ 😉

Spring is here too by the way. As I said before, the weather was suuuuuuhweet today. I’ve been eyeballing a jacket (or quite many actually) over at Care of Carl lately. Think I’ll buy that along with a pair of new shoes and a cricket sweater.


Also been reading some sad rumors about AC/DC possibly breaking up due to the illness of one of their guitarists. That sucks. I haven’t had the chance to see them and would really like to do so before they quit. I always think of Supernatural when I hear there songs for some reason. Hope they’ll be able to continue!