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Liquor mania

Just a quickie. It’s late. And the weekend is over. God knows I didn’t do much this weekend. But it was a good one and I managed to clean the apartment. Wanted to get some gaming in but not this time. Maybe another day. Off work friday and also on monday so that’s nice. Four days worth of weekend. Niiiiiiiiice.

Today as I said I cleaned the apartment. Threw away stuff, vacuum cleaned, went through all my liquor and stored away a couple of things. Still not entirely pleased but I’ll get there. Also got to see Björn, Sarah and Elinore. Which is always such a pleasure. I really, really like them. And their kids. Gosh, they’re so sweet. I feel like I’m being part of something precious. Haven’t felt that way before. It is, honestly, something really special and I can now see why people want kids and a family. Also I like the hanging out. It’s so natural in a way I really haven’t felt before even though I have many super good friends. Makes me feel so special. Can’t really describe it. Right this instant life feels good anyway. Almost as good as it ever has.

Today marks the start of the seventh and final season of Mad Men by the way. I’m yet to watch the sixth season as I haven’t found someone equally passionate as I am about it to watch it with me. It’s a special series for me, will always be close to heart, and I just can’t waste it watching it like you’d drink lukewarm beer, you know? Where are you my beloved Don lover?! In any case, read an opinion about the first episode here. Also, fantastic TV blog!

Had to snap a photo of this little cutie!


And yeah.. the liquor.


Good night lovebirds~

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  1. De här inlägget gjorde mig jätteglad! 🙂 Vi är riktigt glada att vi lärt känna dig, en varm genuin och empatisk människa som verkligen är välkommen hos oss! 🙂 Det är härligt och viktigt för oss att kunna dela våra liv med vänner och familj. De får oss att må bra och för oss är de livet. 🙂

    • Vad kul! 🙂 Och tur att det är ömsesidigt, hihi. Kan bara hålla med!

      Tack för de goda våfflorna idag! Väl värt att skjuta lite på det där “nya livet” 😉

      Sov gott! Nu blir det podcast för min del. Zzz..

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