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Met an old friend at work the other day. Chatted a bit about past and present. Later on that day she wrote me on Facebook saying that she’d been happy to see me and to see me well. Apparently I had given off a good aura so to speak. Like I was happy. Which she thought was great considering the past year or whatever. Which was rough. Isn’t that the most contradictory thing to hear in my situation? I laughed out loud. But I guess it’s good to know that at least you can come off as well being. Means I’m not all that gloomy, though I feel that way.

Imagine being this handsome..

..instead of looking like a complete douche.. 🙁

Well, night.

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  1. That dude lays awake at night wishing he had your impressive beard. I know I do. =)

    You’ve probably seen it;

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