It’s already way past bedtime really. And that’s coming from me who fell asleep 4.30am last night. Gosh I should really be getting my 8 hours tonight but… nah. How fun is that?!

Today we picked up a flower and stopped by at Sarah&Björn to congratulate them on their newborn baby. A precious little rascal called Selma. Had lots of fun as usual. I’ve never really known friends who had kids, not in that sense. Not in a way that I feel close to. It’s made me think of kids myself and actually having a family one day. Feels very nice. I like their small family. I doubt you’ll find kinder people really. I also realized that I’m nothing without my friends. Nothing. At least not now. Too fucking scarred.

I haven’t been truly satisfied with my hair lately. Truth be told I haven’t been quite satisfied with my appearance at all really. But I’m not known to care too much. It has struck me though that I did look better in the past. I’m past my prime, eh? Not that I ever had one, haha. But yeah, today I think I managed to get it right again. I cursed myself but I had to snap a quick selfie.


Apart from that it seems I have 130 hours of effective work cut out for me during the coming three weeks. That’s kinda neat, don’t you think? Being 100% productive doesn’t always work out sadly. Oh well, we’ll see how it all goes.

Now I’m going to hug the pillow. Definitely. Will be sweeeeeeeeeeeeet today~

I came upon this clip yesterday which I have to share. I think they had it listed on Aftonbladet. I saw this show with Babben the other week wherein a somewhat famous person had to recall events from their past and thus gain points by guessing correctly. This particular episode was about Tommy Körberg, the swedish singer. He’s always been an odd fellow to me. Seems like a guy who thinks a bit too highly of himself. Then again, we’re in Sweden, you can never be proud of yourself and not come out like a douche on the other hand. So maybe I should revise my thoughts there. Anyway..

He had this thing happen in which he sang the theme song from The Beauty and The Beast together with Celine Dion. And apparently he hadn’t made the best of impression on her during the rehearsals but none the less. They went out to perform and lo and behold when he surprised her completely. Haha, I gotta hand it to him. Nice performance, didn’t know he had that in him, and the look on her face, and the smile just afterwards, haha. Plus, his smug face when he picks up the rose. Priceless. Leaves me with a smile every single time. He’s king really. Plus this is a completely adorable and beautiful song. And a completely adorable movie. Why don’t they make stuff like this anymore? Very dear to my heart in so many ways.

Ani Difranco – Soft Shoulder
Sigur Ros – Andvari
John Legend – All of Me
Céline Dion – Beauty And The Beast (Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson)
Sofia Källgren – Nånting Som Inte Fanns Förut
Paige O’Hara – Belle