Saturday. Sometimes the best day of the week. Sometimes not. Today was decent honestly. Didn’t really do a whole much. Played games. Watched the gladiators. Yeah, that’s about it really. I’m hooked on real racing 3 for the iPad. Both addictive and frustrating. Like most games I guess.

We got a but nostalgic watching some old gladiators clips as well. Felt like five year old again. Knasen. Wolf drar av sig pälsen. The old goodies. It’s entertaining really. Some might say its a kids show. And they may be right. But still, entertaining!

Oh and I’ve got a secret crush on a local girl. I don’t know who she is. And she certainly has no fucking clue about who I am. Still, she seems cool and talented. And she’s purrdy with a unique style. It’s funny how you sometimes picture yourself with that person and what that would be like. Talked about that with H in the past I remember and she said she had that happen to her as well. Laughed about it quite a bit. Or well, giggled. Hehe. Anyway, pretty girl. It’s odd how some persons capture you with their presence, eyes and appearances right from the get go. Love that. They always ended important to me in some way or another.

Night and sweet dreams~