Have you ever had a hard time making a decision just because you’ve had too many options? The wealth in our lives today sometimes makes it hard to choose direction. And in the end we might choose nothing instead. I’m a person who doesn’t really like to make decisions. Yeah.


None the less, I yesterday opted for this movie that I’ve been thinking of watching for a long time but never really got around to. It’s called Little Children and mainly stars Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson, two actors who I really like. Apparently it’s a modern take on Madame Bovary. The idea of the movie was to never settle for something that’s just good enough. It was kind of slow paced but I didn’t mind since I wasn’t paying the best of attention at all times. I must say that it didn’t make the impression on me that I’d hope but it was certainly a good movie. Different from the norm.

On a completely different note, I must say that I like sales. For instance I always hit the local movie rental store whenever they have a sale. Naturally. Lately I’ve been checking for sales online since I feel like wasting some money. Or I don’t really, but maybe it’d make life less dull. Most likely not. Haha. Anyway, Denon’s most high end receiver for 13k SEK is tempting. Considering that my very own Denon is quite old now, doesn’t support 3D, AirPlay, Spotify and all that shit. Then again, would I use it? Probably not. So no, no buy.

I fucking managed to come in second place on Tiny Wings, without really struggling. One thing is for sure though, I’ll never beat 315 secs of fever. How the f#/( did you do that?! Game Center says 74 secs but yeah. I wonder.


Pretty pullover that I got from sis. Morris <3 pullover