Dead today. Got stuck playing some games yesterday and ended up falling asleep around 3am. Not so good maybe, but I wasn’t home before 11pm so I had to get some time to wind down. Stopped by a couple of friends yesterday and treated them to leftover cake. Was catching up a bit with Sarah and Bj√∂rn. It’s so underrated to just hang out properly and actually talk. About stuff that matters but also really random stuff of course Happy to have friends like them!

Today. Now. Well, not much. I was thinking of heading downtown and buy some snacks to go with some beer. Watch a movie or some series. It’s soccer on TV as well. Man Utd vs Bayern Munich. But will probably end up with a movie. Secret life of Walter Mitty maybe? Or A Walk to Remember. We’ll see.

I have booked tickets to quite a few movies that’s coming up these coming months. Divergent, Godzilla, X-Men and Amazing Spiderman 2. The anticipation! Also, still really want to get my hands on Oculus DK 2. Wonder whether I should preorder one or not. I haven’t bought anything in like forever. Kinda itching. Sucks to wait till July though.

Take care~