What a great day to be off work. Sun is shining. Balcony is bathing in sunlight. I don’t feel the need to do anything. Those are the best days. When I can just… be. So far I’ve just had breakfast, cleaned up a bit, tagged along to Gällstad with Tobias and let him be a boy again for a few secs (yeah, drive the RC). Tonight I’ve been with my sis and watched Cap ‘Murica. Great movie. Some stuff I really didn’t see coming, even though I’ve seen all of the trailers. I really love the Marvel movies. Really. Can’t wait to see the next, whatever that’ll be. Ought to be an Avengers movie, right? Well, we’ll see. So yeah, all in all, great day. I even got to see an old acquaintance, and she seemed genuinely happy. I’m glad.

I’m taking more Fridays off. Definitely.