Today’s been a somewhat good day. Had lunch with Sara, said hello to Sarah, Björn and Jonas, visited grandma, and ended the evening with Supernatural and rum. I had missed the three latest episodes. How could I?! Brilliant stuff, as always. Tomorrow is my last work day for the week since I’ve taken Friday off. Damn that’ll be so nice.

We’re going to Håkan on Ullevi btw, not sure I told you guys. Kristofer got us some tickets in the end. We’ve also bought tickets to the small Kent festival on Ullevi the week before that. And I think we might head to Linköping to watch James Blunt seeing as his latest album is quite brilliant. He’s a funny guy too. Saw him on Top Gear a few times.

Well anyway, I’m off to bed. Early again tonight. It’s a new habit of mine and it’s pretty nice I must say. Getting to work on time, and getting home on time. Tomorrow night is Anchorman 2 night. Sweet.

Oh and yeah, I got a cake for the guys at work. Hope they’ll like it 😉

Night fellahs~