I’ve had one of those late nights and early evenings where things come to me. Where watching stuff and reading stuff really reaches out to me. Plus, it’s sunny outside. I’m going to try and make this quick as I’m going for a walk with a friend in about twenty minutes time. Writing and being quick never went hand in hand in my world, but here goes!

Was watching TV while having some breakfast and saw this television show called Skavlan. I don’t know why I don’t watch it more often since it’s always brilliant and it often stars some very interesting guests. Today we for instance had Pattie Boyd and Tony Flygare. Widely different but still sharing the same idea which was to take care of your life while it’s good. It’s not really as simple as that naturally but this guy Tony who’s basically famous and in the spotlight now because he used to be a soccer talent alongside Zlatan. One went on to become a star, the other didn’t. But it was interesting to see because even though he had for a period of his life been under water he had now gotten back on track and enjoyed life again. As for Pattie Boyd. Well, I’m always touched by hearing about older people’s life stories, what they did, what they liked doing, who they loved, so on, so forth. And you realize while hearing this that even those who lived what we commoners might see as lovely lives, well.. even those persons had issues, ups and downs, hardships, etc.

Something I as a person have a hard time coping with is just this. The ups and downs with life. And actually trying to enjoy life while it’s not at its peak. And actually enjoying life when it’s good, yes, even though it doesn’t have that magic and shimmering light per say. While you still have your health you always have the opportunity to do things you enjoy and be happy. It might not be what it used to be or what you thought was wonderful, but it might bring something new and something that’ll make you, if not equally happy, at least happy. This thought was brought to me because of three things mainly.

First, when you hear a person’s life story this way you realize that sometimes their peak so to speak is already past them. They talk about it in that fond way that you realize that this was a precious period of life for them. It reaches out to you and touches you. But they’re not sad because it past them, they’re instead happy that they had the chance to experience it, and that they did so. Secondly, I saw this “commercial” about refugees made by the UN. For instance they showed a girl that had been unable to speak after the moment an explosion happened close to her. This girl was roughly 1-2 years old and so terrified that she didn’t have the courage to speak anymore. Broke my heart. Point being, some just don’t get the chance of being happy or leading a life the way we do in this country. My country Sweden. Last but not least I read this story over at a site called It was about the five things that people most commonly regret about their lives. Or in their lives. And that was those simple things. Not being happy while they actually could. Enjoying their good health. Taking care of their friends and relationships. Not overworking. Those should be obvious to us all but sometimes along the way I think we forget. So yeah, what do I want to say here really? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps it was just a realization for me. Maybe you are already happy and perfectly fine the way you are, and in that case, great! Go on just like that. I’m happy for you. But keep it in mind. Honestly, do. Precious moments might not ever come again, so cherish them! But just because they’ve come and gone doesn’t mean life is over.

Onto something completely different. A colleague shared a completely hilarious photo on Facebook the other day. He had had a text exchange with his son over the phone. This really, really cracked me up. And many others at work too. Haha, brilliant. Putte, what a guy!


And… the moment when a friend sharts.


Ok. I wasn’t able to make that quick but hopefully I won’t be too late for my walk! Haha. The sun is still shining outside at least! I’ll leave you with three absolutely fabulous songs. Enjoy!

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton – Layla
The Band Perry – Don’t Let Me Be Lonely