It’s weekend and boy am I glad it is. I’ve been having a back ache for two weeks now and it’s slowly draining energy off me every single day. Been dead tired coming home from work every day and it’s been, well, not stressful but certainly tight at work lately. You know that you’re gonna make it but still you’re there producing that final turd of code one hour before going home on Friday night. God I hate that feeling. But we made it and here is the result. Touching it up a bit next week hopefully since it might be a bit buggy.

Today is obviously Saturday and I have no plans whatsoever except maybe walk the cat a bit with Anna later on and Andreas might be coming over to watch the epic Gladiators. Ha ho hi. Yesterday I got treated to some food by my neighbors which was super and then we watched the hilarious Let’s Dance. Go Glenn! Haha. Now I’m going to go for a walk and have dinner with pa’ and later on probably do some gaming.

I was watching Mästarnas mästare this morning by the way. It’s been quite a while since I last watched it. What a show, and what people. It’s amazing and it always manages to touch you in a way. Today they showed Tommy Söderström, used to be a great swedish goaltender in ice hockey. What a guy. But yeah, watch the show. It’s good even though you’re not sports interested. Entertaining and educational. Quite the contrast to the show I watched before that, Fear Factor, in which they gulped down donkey sperm and donkey urine. Eh.

I’m turning thirty soon. Hard to believe. Both for myself and probably for others. Still feel like a kid and behave like a kid I certainly do as well. People have been asking me if I’m throwing a party or if I’m wishing for something. Not throwing a party, wishing for continued health and happiness. If you really must “buy” something I’d rather you donate money. SOS Barnbyar, WWF, Red Cross or some other good organisations. I’d be happy and proud. Kids and animals suffering, the worst really. And for christ’s sake, turn off the lights during Earth Hour. Thanks! For materialistic people out there I do have a list for myself, but it only has expensive stuff since I’m buying it, so don’t judge me!

Have a nice weekend y’all! Take care of each other and be happy. Guuuddie ^_^;;