What a gray day. Thank the lord that the weekend was all but that, both outside and in terms of activities. Today I got home quite early for once but so far I’ve only managed to lie on my bed for two hours. Listening to Aftonbladet’s podcast about games and feeling incredibly old – physically and mentally.

Today was the start of the new Formula 1 season and for the first time in 24 years we had a Swede on the grid. Awesome! Not in the best of teams and not with a particular chance of winning but still. It was a good feeling and you felt proud. Marcus is such a nice guy. As for the race and season itself it’s quite exciting. They’ve made many regulation changes but the biggest one is of course the reduction in engine size and cylinder count. Plus the addition of turbo. Makes the cars behave quite differently but also more importantly sound differently. Perhaps not in the best of ways but if it leads to better racing I’m fine with it. Rather worryingly quite many teams had their cars break down during the race but I’m sure reliability will increase as the season progresses. In any case, glad it’s here again! Something to look forward to every other weekend.


Apart from that I managed to – finally – finish BioShock. The first game from 2007. I never got stuck playing it on Xbox 360 even though I thought it looked fabulous when I first bought it seven years back. Playing the amazing sequel Infinite made me want to try again though but honestly I can’t say that I was blown away. Obviously the game felt a bit old but I just didn’t like the whole RPG aspect of the game. Plus I thought the shooting mechanics sucked. Story wise it was rather interesting though and the world still looks amazing. Can’t really say why I don’t like the whole plasmid stuff though. Hacking part was frustrating. Ended up using automatic hack tool all the time. Pretty much only used winter blast as well, which froze the enemies in place. Electric bolt was kind of nice too. But otherwise I just didn’t feel like they were good enough. And the three passive feats called tonic wasn’t really my cup of tea either. I think what bothered me was that I got all these but that I had to use slots to actually use them. Would have been better if you just trained your character for certain stuff, and when trained, you could actually use all of that at the same time. So instead of trying to be creative with the plasmids and tonic and switching them when needed at the gene bank I just stuck with using the same pretty much throughout the entire game. Maybe I’m just a lame gamer. Glad I played through it though as it sure was an adventure. I wonder what others who played it thought? And what ending did you get? Please leave a comment and tell me what you thought! 🙂


Apart from that I spent most of my weekend hanging out with friends. Having breakfast on the balcony and talking to your neighbors is a luxurious feeling. Wonder if you’ll ever end up like the guys in the Beck movies. “Ska du ha en stänkare?”. Seriously though, blessed to have my lovely neighbors. Me, Anna and Eric walked the cats a bit. Still not comfortable letting them go on their own quite yet. So many cats in the neighborhood.


We also watched a coupled of movies. Wolf of Wall Street and Book Thief more precisely. Both really good. Not really comparable. Think I liked the adventure of the first one a bit better but if you’re a person who likes to soak up the atmosphere and care about characters and their relations you’ll definitely enjoy the latter. Both became really good thanks to fabulous acting. Leonardo DiCaprio and Sophie Nélisse both did really, really well. So did Geoffrey Rush. He really is one of my favorite british actors. A person you can picture having as your grandpa. What I liked about WOWS was that it was really fucking crazy and some scenes were just magnificent. Particularly one where he gets really high and drives his expensive car home. “Safely”. The Book Thief was nice because even though it depicted Germany during WWII it felt hopeful. The worst part about it was that they mixed English, English with a German accent and German. Ended up being a bit silly and confusing.

????? ??????? ????

Oh and not to be like that but… WOWS was pretty sexy. And funny! 😉


Onto something completely different. I need new earphones for work. My current ones always was horrible but they worked. Now that their protective padding is broke (more like gross by all the wax) they sound very boring though. Like all the sound leaks out and it sounds very hollow. This time I don’t want to buy anything expensive though as they usually break after a while. Cable break. I think these look fine though. I’ve had Jays before and apart from the cable breaking they sounded awesome. Might try these out eventually. Won’t ruin you either.

Otherwise I’m not doing so much apart form eating unhealthy stuff, saving as much money as I can and sleeping. Oh and the occasional peering into strangers windows. Sometimes when you’re out walking and you go by houses you can’t help but look at what’s going on inside. Not in a stalkerish kind of way of course, but just for a couple of seconds. And from a distance. And you try to picture what their lives are like, what they’re doing, what kind of day they’ve had and so on. It’s something particular about that feeling. You’re a total stranger yet you feel like you’re there in some way. And you also feel like you’re nonexistent to the world at that time. Really odd.

Well. Take care and be well. Until next time~