Clock just turned midnight. I’m feeling surprisingly tired and as a matter of fact I got up quite early this morning. Even went to bed early the night before. So here I was early at work this morning and I almost shat myself when I saw that Björn had already arrived. I don’t think that has ever happened. That is, me and Björn getting to the office before 8am, both of us the same day. Buy a lottery ticket folks. The planets must be aligned.

So yeah, today I also got off work early. Not as early as I had wished since the computers are still making a mess. It’s funny that my computer seldom acts up, but others… don’t even mention it. To their defense our migration to the latest operating system, new servers and what not hasn’t really worked out as planned. It’s taken two months now and it’s still not working properly. Anyway, work aside, it was nice to get off early and go for a walk. While it was still bright and sunny outside. Godsend.

This past weekend was great too. Playing Rappakalja with the gang at Södra Kyrkogatan and eating pulled pork. Om nom nom. Also had my cousin and her boyfriend over an evening. Shrimps and aioli. Om nom nom #2. A shared experience during these two nights was the watching of a certain YouTube clip that my sis showed me. I can’t say that I’m overly fond of what we in Sweden would call förnedrings-TV but this one is pretty funny. No, it’s hilariously funny. We laughed to tears, I kid you not.

This year’s Earth Hour by the way. I’m happy to know that they’re celebrating it again. This year it so happens to be on my birthday which feels like an awesome birthday gift. I sincerely hope that they’ll shut the lights off and that people shut their electronics down for that single hour. It’s so nice to go outside in the dark and just go for a stroll. Hopefully it’ll be clear skies so the stars are visible. Very pretty and nice. Last year I spent thirty minutes just lying on a bench looking up. Watching the planes pass by and looking at the constellations.

Just got forced into submission by a yawn so that’s my cue to hug the pillow. Just watch this clip before you go, I think it’s rather cute and leaves you with a good feeling.

Nighty lovebirds~

PS. Internet is crazy. In an old post where I talked about thighs I posted a photo of Roberto Carlos and his insane legs. This got picked up by Google eventually and today somebody used it over on Reddit. In the last week it has gotten over 3000 hits and just tonight 2000 hits. And that’s not much at all really. Still, because of a single post over at a well-read site. Makes me wonder what it’d feel like to have real traffic like that. Also what it’d feel like if that many people indirectly took part of your life by reading your blog or something along those lines. Crazy. Not to mention people at Instagram getting several thousand likes. Internet. Crazy. I tell you.