Just finished with The Family. Decent flick. Nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe I was a it too tired to appreciate it. Don’t know. It’ll be a blessing to sleep, that’s for sure.

Today I stopped by Linus and Nathalie. Got N some chocolate because it was her birthday today. Seb stopped by as well. It was nice to see them all, especially talking to Linus a bit. Sometimes an hour or two with your friends after work is all you need to make the day good. Coming home to the most cosy of cats helps too. I wonder why it is that all of my cats end up so cosy? I sure don’t mind!

Coldplay released their first single off their new album which will be out in May. Not sure what to think of it. It’s always easy to be sceptic at first, considering the quality of what they’ve put out before. I really liked Mylo Xyloto which had some really nice songs like Charlie Brown and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall. Here’s hoping the new album will have some touching songs as well.

What else? Oh nothing much. I’m off to sleep. Sweet dreams~~

Oh btw, this made me giggle a bit..