Why hello there! How’s your Saturday coming along? Mine is quite good so far. And the latter part of the week has been as well. The other day I was heading down to Sarah and Bj√∂rn to drop off my Avicii tickets, but ended up staying in the vestibule for roughly two hours. Isn’t it amazing when you have seen people like 4-5 times and you feel like you’ve known them for years!? That’s a token of good people really. Love to you guys!


Been catching up on Breaking Bad as of late. Or wait, catching up isn’t even the correct term. I’m far from catching up. I’m at the end of season two, but whatever. I thought the series was magnificent at first but then got a bit tired of it. Got stuck with other series I think. Anyway, one episode after picking it up I wasn’t sure I’d want to watch it since it felt a bit slow paced and boring. But now it’s getting good again. I love Jesse, haha. And even it’s a very crude series it sure has it’s soft spots from time to time. Right now I’m loving the thing Jesse has got going with his landlord. Krysten Ritter is very pretty. What a unique face she has.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 13.47.32

And on the topic of Breaking Bad. You swedes out there might be interested in reading our current newsletter that just went out. The theme for this broadcast is TV. There will be more interesting topics in the coming months so I suggest you sign up over att ipmulricehamn.se. And if you are interested in reading this month’s newsletter, well just click here.

I also helped the local bank out with distributing their latest bonus to the people of Ulricehamn. They’re all awesome really but this time it’s about bank usage from your phone. And! It’s a challenge. Those who manage pass it (which actually is quite easy) get to split one million swedish crowns between them. Quite awesome if you ask me!

Tried The Elder Scrolls online out a bit as well. It’s quite good but I haven’t gotten far into it. I have too many games to play so I don’t think I’ll bother with it too much when it finally gets out. Maybe later on. We’ll see. But look at my amazing characters Freddy Chara and Wendy Rest!


Finally, a cat story from our local newspaper that mom showed me. I think all of us crazy cat people can relate to this *giggle*