Watching the bronze match between USA and Finland in the olympics hockey tournament at the moment. It’s cool to see an old player as Teemu Selänne play with such dedication and spirit. He could be the other players’ father for christ’s sake. Definitely rooting for Finland. As long as they’re not playing against Sweden it’s always nice when things go their way.

Taking things easy today. Rested up properly this morning. Didn’t get out of bed until lunch time. Yesterday was quite a good day. Sweden going through to the hockey finals. Not really sweating my ass of at work. Going an hour or two early. Hanging out with a friend, watching a movie, drinking some beer and having a snack or two to go with that. Followed my friend home afterwards and took a nice stroll home. I like when you end up being just the right amount of drunk, where you feel very much alive and in touch with your feelings and surroundings. Feels like you can do pretty much anything. I didn’t though, I actually fell asleep almost immediately after getting home.

Today is another slow day like I said. Not really pushing myself to do anything in particular. Was thinking of playing some BioShock earlier, maybe get to finishing that game finally. As much as I’d like to enjoy it I can’t really feel the atmosphere like I did with Infinite. I remember when it first got out it was really nice and atmospheric and I guess it still is, even seven years after, but the mechanics isn’t so good and I just feel a bit detached. Think it’s quite frustrating. But I feel that I want to finish it before playing the Burial at Sea episodes, you know the DLC for Infinite.

In a couple of hours we’re going to the movie theatre to watch a picture I’ve been wanting to see for quite a while. I have been bad at going to the cinema lately. Making reservations but never getting around to going. Missed movies such as Robocop, Wolf of Wall Street and Her. On the other hand I’ve seen quite many good movies here at home.

Want to share a couple of cool YouTube movies. Exciting really. First is this movie about silence and a room where all echoes are silenced. Would be cool to be in such a room sometime!

And then two thrilling clips. I’m both fascinated and terrified of heights. Seen a few movies on YouTube that almost made me nauseous. These two definitely qualify.