I could tell you how I saw Adina for the first time in a long time the other day. That she is going to Hungary to practice working. And how our cats were so curious about each other but still really scared and made weird noises. I could tell you about my neighbor being a sweetheart and making us sweet bread rolls. And that work is coming along real nice in every possible manner. How I find comfort in positive testimonials that proves that I’m at least doing something right. I could tell you that we finished watching American Horror Story and that I was somewhat disappointed in the ending, even though I guess it was alright. I could tell you that my cat has finally got rid of his balls but still goes on like a furious rascal at nights. And moans all the time about everything and nothing. God knows. I could tell you how life is moving on just like it always does. How the olympics brightens up the regular day. I could tell you quite a lot for what is my pathetic life. But I’m not sure that any of that matters..

I’m sorry. I should stop writing whilst being overly emotional. Heart skipping beats because it feels what I do, I wonder if that is good or bad. And here I thought I was done worrying about that. These things aren’t good for me but I love how they make me feel stuff. Finally I could tell you how extremely sad I am about writing this, but you are the only one I can turn to after shedding my emotions for the hundredth time. Sorry for letting you carry the burdens again. I hope you don’t mind me being selfish. I try to think I’m not so often usually. Thanks friend.