Work work work. That’s the theme for the past weeks. It’s been OK though and I’m not feeling stressed out which usually is the case. For some reason it feels like I’ve learnt to deal with the situation a bit better than in the past. Hurray for me I guess. This is what it’s looked like and this is what came out of it. Actually quite pleased. It feels solid even if it’s not the best I’ve done.

I don’t know what happens but I don’t feel properly good at the moment of writing this. Just one hour ago everything was actually really good. It’s been a good day and I came home before 9pm today which was awesome really. I remember from my past I had these days or moments where I could get real unsure of the situation or myself. Like I lost my confidence in my value. And that is somewhat how I feel right now. Crawling under my skin. Something not feeling properly right. Wish I could sleep for the coming three days. Really. But tomorrow is Scandinavium and concert with Maggio.


Apart from regular work I’ve had a kick off with my colleagues which was nice. I’ve been to the dentist which was both nice and not nice. Teeth looked OK but they wanted to pull my wisdom teeth. At least two of them. Both unpleasant and expensive. Not really a happy camper. In ‘murica Superbowl came and passed and they showed some cool trailers and ads, and eventually the latest trailer for the new Captain America movie appeared. I’m going to be an ass and not share it since I’m lazy at the moment but look it up on YouTube. I think it’s gonna be quite cool. Also looking forward to American Hustle and Robocop, the latter which is actually screening this weekend.


Otherwise I was taken away by Love Actually and Save Haven. I don’t know what it is about romance flicks. Or relationship dramas. Or dramas too actually. But the first in particular. Before I decide to actually watch them I feel as if they’re somewhat gonna leave me hurting. And it depends on how you look at it probably. They’re often very sweet and lovely. Heartwarming and cosy. When they’re really good they manage to make you feel the love that their story is telling, which I think is really nice. And which I can relate to, and I hope everyone can. It’s nice. Makes you feel like your life was actually worth something at some point in time you know? But at the same time..