Hey guys. It’s late here and I should probably be asleep already but I gotta do SOMETHING after coming home from work. Right? Something to settle down. Put the mind to peace. It was a good day. Productive. I’m handling the workload good these days. Not getting too stressed out. Feels nice. And you know what, coming home.. watching a movie, being all alone. It works. It really does. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, far from it. But it works. I love life’s contrasts. Appreciating what you have and living in the now.

I love getting completely drawn into a movie and being there. Feeling what they feel. Knowing that I will eventually feel the same thing. Be it good or bad. And I love music. What would one do without music? Here’s one for you. Maybe it’ll reach out for you the same way it did to me. Even if it doesn’t, you probably know what I’m talking about. Have a cosy and lovely day, evening, night, morning or what not~

PS. 50/50 was the movie for tonight. Joseph kicking it as always. Heavy stuff but still lighthearted. Anna is adorable. Totally adorable. Watch it! Been postponing it for a long time but definitely worth your time. Shows what’s important <3