You know, it’s a bit blurry from here on out. Thank god for the embrace of sleep. I always wondered why people drank as a way of forgetting and getting numb. It never worked that way for me. For me it’s a way of getting in touch with my feelings. Feeling alive. Because regular days, routine, are good but lifeless. Detached. Being drunk is in a sense true even though you are coming from across a veil. This ache though. This mental ache. It’s harsh. A harsh reminder. I wonder if life will ever get truly good again. One can only hope. Good luck with your lives everyone. Remember, it only gets as good as you make it. But who am I to advice? Everybody already knows that and succeeds better than I do, haha. Well, that’s awkward.

Why isn’t there HTML markup for emotions? Night readers. Love you.