Evening lovebirds. How are you? I’m beat. It’s been a rough week so far. Long days at work every single day and tomorrow there’s another one waiting. Last week was tough too. And so will next week be. I have things I want to share but no energy to actually share them with you. All in due time. Lots of projects at work and also a new computer environment to be installed.

Tomorrow is a customer event with at least free beer and free food. That’ll be nice. After that I’ll have to head home to my poor cat who’s been home alone a lot lately. I’m thankful for my parents and my neighbors who can look after her a bit so that she’s not alone too much. Err. HIM.

This weekend I’ll be doing nothing but playing games, watching movies and drinking beer. And perhaps eating something good as well. Yeah. I know there was something else on my mind as well but I can’t for my life recall what that was. Brain has already shut down.

Uhm yeah. At least I managed to get rays of sunlight in my face the other day. The sun managed to break through the clouds all of a sudden and I just stood there and felt that yeah, this is nice. Sometimes those small things make you hopeful.

And the cat is aggressively taking a dump in the litter box. Attaboy.

No really, nothing else. Not for the moment. My mind is blank. Except of course for one thing. Payday on Friday. Sweet. This month I might actually be able to save something. Good lord. Money is far from important but for a couple of years now my way of burning them has been out of control. And of course there’s always stuff you want to buy. And stuff you HAVE to pay for. Patience is a virtue.