And so another weekend passes. Actually it’s already Monday but I refuse to call it week number four yet. I AM NUMBER FOUR. Bad movie. Anyways. Slightly drunk. As is for some reason norm for Sundays these days. I’m sensing a bad trend here. But who cares, right? I’m surprised to be drinking beer to be honest. But I’m glad to be enjoying it.

What did I do this weekend? Not much. Not much at all. But that was probably for the best since I was super tired and I needed the rest. I did however finish Max Payne 3 as well as Assassin’s Creed, went for a dinner at grandma’s in Borås and tried a few shoes out. I also watched one of the best movies in a long time: The Spectacular Now. Dealing with falling in love and the hardships of life. Lots of feelings <3 I could relate. Oh boy. Shailene is so pretty and I know what it feels like to worship someone like that. It's... amazing. Apart from that I've also learnt that my cat Mysan is actually a male cat. Isn't that funny?! I think I'll actually continue to call her Mysan. I mean why not? Given the fact that we want society to be equal these days what does it matter that a male cat has a female name?! Well we'll see. Now. Yeah, now. The spectacular now. We live in it because it is the now, and sometimes now is the best. If it's not we live in it because we have hopes that the future will eventually be the spectacular now. That's the case for me. Here's hoping that my favorite someone will eventually appear. But for now, it'll be alright. Short Term 12's next. I'm sorry I wasn't good enough. Good night~ 🙂 DSC_0230