Hello thaaaaaaaaaar. I feel like I’ve just been resurrected from a millennium of death. Sigh. I’m super, super tired. That’s what you get after a stressful week without enough sleep. Gosh. How am I going to manage this evening without falling asleep constantly? It’ll be an adventure!

Yesterday I did something tough. After work I came across this poor cat that had been hit by a car and died. Apart from some blood it actually looked quite peaceful lying there and I felt so sad for it that I had to pet it and “talk” to it for a short while. On the way home I realized that I didn’t want for it to be lying there so the next day I took it to the vet to have it identified. Unfortunately it was neither marked nor chipped so I couldn’t do anything apart from bury it. Luckily we found a spot that wasn’t completely frozen over so we managed to dig a little hole for it to rest in. It felt both good and horrible to put it there. That poor little cat that was so pretty. It didn’t deserve to be there in a cold hole in the middle of nowhere. When I got home I couldn’t hold my tears back and I hugged my little cat extra hard. The world is so cruel sometimes.

Today I’ve been in Borås to have dinner with my grandma and visit the shoe store. Trying out a couple of Loakes again. I want a new pair for spring and summer. Maybe two, haha. We’ll see how it goes when that time comes. Tonight we’re having beer and playing Max Payne. But given how alert I feel I wonder how that’ll go 😉

Have a nice weekend everyone!