I think pretty much all of those who are watching TV series are waiting impatiently for the fourth season of Game of Thrones. HBO announced the other day that it’s going to start air April 6. I haven’t watched the trailer myself yet but of course expectations are high. And I’m sure they will somehow manage to surprise us all in that terrifying way they always do.

HBO has a new show coming up, or actually the first episode aired this weekend. It’s called True Detective, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey (no, I couldn’t spell that myself). Might be something to pick up, have a look at the trailer:

Finally Mad Men will be getting its final season during the coming two years. The seventh season will start to air in April, Sunday 13th more precisely, and will be split in two parts as is often so popular these days. The second part will air during spring 2015. I’m not done with the sixth season yet, haven’t even started it actually, but more Mad Men is always good. Mad Men has some of the best characters and best atmospheres ever. Really.

Mattias Rydh

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