Wow. It’s getting late. It’s well past 11pm and I have to leave the office and get home and give my cat her medicine. Yeah, she puked lots of roundworms yesterday the poor girl. The hard part is getting them to eat the tablets. I mean they can sense from like miles that somethings not gonna taste good. So even though you mix it properly with something they won’t eat it. Sigh. It’s been a long day at work and nothing really worked out. And I’m two days after my current schedule as well. Things are taking upp too much of my time and my days are incomprehensibly fragmented. But, luckily, things will work out in the end. As we all know. And as past time has showed. Thank God.

I think it’s safe to say that one of the cliches we hear the most is time heals all wounds. Right? Well. I’d say that’s a truth with modification. It’s just not that simple, even though it would be nice if it were. Sure, a wound eventually heals and it no longer inflicts pain upon you, but it leaves its mark in the way of a scar and it stays with you your entire life, whether you like it or not. So too does the experience and the memories of all that led up to it. For what it’s worth I guess we all deal with these things in different ways and I would never say one way is better than the other. It just comes down to how we are as persons.

I’m not the person that can simply move on it would seem. Even though my life is moving on and things happen around me. I don’t however have that excruciating pain anymore, the one that hits you in the abdomen and takes your breath away. Though I do get my relapses every now and then which is odd. Or maybe not. What do I know. What I do know is that you should value the present and never take anything for granted. Take that to heart. And appreciate how good life is even though you sometimes think it gets dull and boring. As for me, there’s this colorful girl from my past etched to my heart that refuses to let go. And that is life essentially.  Once people enter our hearts they’ll never quite leave. They might take up different space during different period of our lives, but from my experience they never quite disappear. Eventually maybe that’s a good thing.

For the time being, I’ll be thinking of her every now and then. Why? ‘Cause it appears I loved.


Toto – I Will Remember
Devendra Banhart – Baby