Finally there is some snow and some cold in our country. I know there are mixed feelings about this but even though I’m not a winter sports guy I think it gets really pretty outside (and brighter) when snow has been falling. I can’t help but feel good. Good vibes and good memories. Apart from that fact this weekend could’ve been skipped all together since it basically past without even starting. Spent it working one day – in good company though and with good food, good drinks and a puppy – and sleeping. I did play some Max Payne too. Not as good as the first ones but it has Max’s voice and the gritty story. Miss the film noir feeling though.

But walking home having seen Andreas off, strolling in the chilly dark with snow crunching under my shoes, I couldn’t help but feel a bit surreal. Like the feeling you get when you all of a sudden observe yourself as a third person and look at yourself as a person. Acknowledging your own existence. Like, where the fuck am I now? What do I want to do? Is life good? I guess so. Still of course there this void that makes life feel a bit dim but who knows, maybe I’ll get there some day again.

In the mean time, have a look at one of my favorite scenes from About Time, which you can now watch online. Have you seen it yet? I feel like watching it all over again but first I wanna see The Spectacular Now. You should probably watch both! The kisses attack is adorable, haha. His sis is such a goof!

Siri takes such good care of Mysan~ 😉