I can’t help but find Thorin a bit mesmerizing. And handsome! I wouldn’t mind looking like Richard Armitage. All of a sudden it’s cool to be a dwarf. And all of a sudden I’m drawn to the world of Arda again. Tolkien’s world may be dark and gloomy at times, but it’s damn well crafted.


Tomorrow is Friday. No idea what the weekend looks like. But I’ll be damn sure to play some games at least. Today I went to the vet to have Mysan chipped and vaccinated. She was a champ and didn’t misbehave or whine at all. I also bought a cute transport box.

There’s stuff I want to buy all of a sudden too. Like shoes. A 3DS XL and the new Zelda. But I can’t. Because I just realized that I have tooth that’s aching and it’s miscolored as well. So yeah, a visit to the dentist it is. Money well spent. Eh.

Good night lovechilds~

PS. Did I mention I See Fire? I did, didn’t I. Good. I love the string parts. I love how melancholic it is. Melancholia <3