Remember I mentioned my computer running a bit hot? Partly due to two GPUs but also because of ridiculously bad cooling. The 200mm case fans that came with the Corsair 650D weren’t exactly what you’d call good. Or silent. So, I wanted to see if I could make things better. What I did (with quite a bit of help from my dad, thanks!) was the following:

  • Replaced the rear 120mm fan with a Noctua counterpart
  • Replaced the top 200mm fan with two Noctua 140mm fans
  • Replaced the front 200mm fan with two Silverstone Air Penetrator 120mm
  • Installed a fan controller and hooked up the top and front fans to it
  • Drilled some additional holes in the front of the case to allow both fans to properly breathe
  • Stuck the SSD drives to the bottom of the case plus slightly improved my “cable management”

Results are in! The graphics cards run 5-10 degrees celsius cooler and instead of running 70-80% fan speed they’re around 15-30%. Thus, massive improvement.