There are games and then there are games. Some you just breeze through and you enjoy them, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you just like parts of it, enjoy the action or you simply want to get it over with. Check it off your list. Then there are those that manage to draw you in and that you want to dive deeper into. Where the story, the game world and/or the characters all speak to you. BioShock Infinite is one of those games.

I wouldn’t say it’s as addictive as for instance Skyrim though. You want to savor the experience, much like a good book. If you play it all in on sitting you’re not going to digest all of it properly. What first strikes you is this beautiful game world. Much like the original BioShock the intro is really fucking cool. Then you’re slowly introduced to more and more of the story and by the time you’re at the end of the game you just want more of it. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is the bond you develop with the main character of the game, Elizabeth. She’s very lifelike and the voice acting in the game is flawless.

The core gameplay is good as well with some RPGish elements going on. You get these vigors that you can use to levitate enemies, through exploding rocks at them or electrocute them. These can all be leveled up to a certain extent as well. Then you have your variety of guns as well as the skyline system – aerial railways which run through different parts of the city that’s floating above the clouds – that you can hook onto with your nifty hook tool. You can also level up your shield, your health and your salts. The latter is basically your mana for using your vigors.

All in all it’s a really impressive game that has been very carefully crafted in all areas, but what stands out is the graphical art style, the whole concept and the lifelike character of Elizabeth. The story is really good too as I already said, and it leaves you hanging till the very end. If you enjoyed the first BioShock you will definitely not be disappointed with this one.