..on the day before Christmas, am I reminded of why I’m so sad from time to time? Please, life, let me just rest from this for one tiny moment and be happy about this time of the year. OK? Don’t use these vivid and lifelike dreams to fill me with false hope that screws you over once you wake up to a rainy and gloomy day. Crying wasn’t exactly the way I pictured Christmas. But hey! If this is what life wants to give me, so be it. At least I was somewhat happy in that dream, despite the twistedness of the situation..

Now I’m going to shop some last minute Christmas gifts, do the dishes, sell a computer to some random dude and then dive into the world of Columbia and see if I can help this girl Elizabeth out. Btw, pro tip, if you have a gamer in your vicinity and you want to give some cool games away, stop by Steam today. They have their annual christmas sale with lots of cool deals = cheap games. Ought to make someone happy!

## Couple of hours later… almost.


I’m rich! Wait, it’s not my money. Still, it’s been a while since I held this much “paper”. Were it mine, I would start some kind of Christmas giveaway contest. But hey, maybe next year 🙂