This won’t be the last post of 2013 but I’m going to jump the gun and send some wishes to the digital world and all of you already. I’m not feeling the vibe this year and this time around. I wish I could just jump into one of those american christmas movies and get overwhelmed by all the christmas feelings but nah. This year I’ll have to make to with being free and relax. In any case I hope you guys can make up for my lack of xmas spirit by having an awesome and cosy christmas holiday and christmas celebration. Remember, it’s not the food, the gifts or the parties. It’s about the people. The ones that matter.

So, that said, I want to wish all of you a very merry christmas and, in due time, a happy new year as well! Especially to the ones who I don’t see too often these days, the ones who are going through tough times, the ones I’ve lost along the way and the ones I simply can’t reach out to anymore. I hope all is well with you, and if not, that all will be well. I wish you the best for the new and upcoming year. Take care and be good to the ones around you. But most importantly – smile, laugh and be happy!

I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have been there for me during the past year. The ones who made me laugh constantly, the ones who pulled me up when I was under. The ones who stood out with my periodic whining. My friends. My family. My colleagues. My bosses. And thank you to all the new persons I met who enriched my life and made me see that even though some things come to an end, that is not the end of the tunnel, there is still more to life. Eventually. It is, as I’ve said before, quite remarkable how 2013 turned out. How OK it turned out, given how hurtful it started and how ridiculously sad and hurt I’ve been during times. And this of course leads me to the fact that I want to again apologize to the ones I’ve hurt and let down during the very same year. The ones whose heart I broke, the ones I drifted apart from, the ones that had to put up with my egocentric behavior. I would take it all back if I could. Unfortunately that’s not how life works. And I think in the end I, in this case, am the one left hurting the most. Which is a real life lesson since you think twice, thrice, and frice before doing something similar again. Still, I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

That being said, from the bottomest bottom of my tiny little heart I wish you the bestest of Christmas and that you (yeah, YOU!) be as happy as you deserve 🙂


With love and lots of hugs ♥