Yes, I am sadly. Much to the dismay of many I bet! It’s not very easy to get your writing in these days what with a little cat rascal that likes to hunt the mouse pointer, walk or sit on the laptop 🙂

I’m coming to you from the bed this time. Like many other times before. Difference being it’s now christmas vacation and I’m nice and relaxed. Somewhat! Week as always blazed past without me really knowing what happened. I bet I’ll soon be 90 and ready for death. Or rather 60 or ready for death. Seeing how healthy I am these days. It’s astounding that the scale is still showing declining weight. And that I’m not terminally ill.

I have new neighbors! Probably told so already but my cousin and her boyfriend moved in next door. They’ve already lived there for like two months. Which made me realize earlier this week that I haven’t even dropped by to say hello. Well finally I did this Tuesday. I’ve probably become somewhat of a loner again over the past 3-4 months seeing as I’ve felt extremely stressed out. But I still have my social needs obviously. Ended up being a lot of fun and cus’ boyfriend was a real nice guy who, as it turns out, was somewhat of a hardcore gamer. Who’d have known!


Yesterday we stopped by Format in the evening for their quiz finale. Our team consisted of me, Eric, Anna, Andreas, Nathalie and Linus. I haven’t seen the last two in ages so it was real fun. Our not so small team did fairly well also so that was fun. The food was deeeeelicious. Ribs <3. I think we might just sign up for the quiz tour next year! Had dumplings today. Yummy! Can thoroughly recommend. Niclas recommended me a restaurant in Gothenburg which I ought to try out. They serve the best dumplings apparently. dumplings

Tomorrow will be dedicated to a project of mine: properly cooling the computer. It’s running too hot from playing games lately. So let’s see if I can do something about that.

I’m also excited about this new movie called Child 44 that is coming out in 2014. No trailer so far but I’ll keep you posted!

Now I’m off to mom and dads for some home made pizza. This weekend I need to wrap up some of my xmas gifts which are mostly done now. Thankfully! I miiiiiiight buy yet another one or two but time will tell. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Coldplay – Christmas Lights
Toby Keith – Beer For My Horses
Keane – Somewhere Only We Know
Houston – Truth Slips
John Mayer – Speak For Me
Håkan Hellström – Pistol
Håkan Hellström – Fri till slut
Håkan Hellström – Det Är Så Jag Säger Det
Håkan Hellström – Kärlek Är ett Brev Skickat Tusen Gånger
Håkan Hellström – Jag Hatar Att Jag Älskar Dig Och Jag Älskar Dig Så Mycket Att Jag Hatar Mig
Coldplay – Charlie Brown
Coldplay – Yellow