You know, I never really found Mondays too bad. At least in later years. Mondays aren’t so bad really since that means getting to see your colleagues, which is something nice for me at the moment. What’s worse is what Monday signifies. It’s the end of the weekend, but at the same time it’s the start of a new week which can bring forth many good things. For me Sunday evenings are worse really. Not that I ever had that work angst that some people tend to have. Thankfully.

Anyway, it’s Monday and today I had dumplings at the local sushi shop. Tasty! It’s really nice now that it’s colder outside. Try it if you haven’t already. It’s been a somewhat slow day at work but had a good meeting at least. Other highlights of the day? Eating Ben&Jerry’s and starting out with Borderlands 2. Something not so good is that my cat Alice seem to have hurt her leg. I hope she will be fine! We also booked tickets for The Hobbit part 2 on Saturday. Going to visit Jonas in Gothenburg this weekend. Moa and her friend will hopefully tag along as well. The more the merrier. Nothing beats the VIP treatment of yesteryear and the storm that accompanied it but I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

Oh I found something I need to try out as well! Maybe I’ll add it to my christmas wish list. It’s this peeling mask that’s supposedly really good at getting rid of blackheads. It’d be great to just see those go. Not that they’re too disturbing but it would feel nice. You know how people are obsessed with killing zits? Well, it’s some sort of similar obsessions with blackheads and I think I have it. It’s just nice to see them being removed from the skin. So yeah, hopefully this works!

This weekend Spike hosted VGX, the annual video game awards. Of course there were some cool announcements and trailers being made and shown at the same time. In case you missed it here are some of my favourites: Telltale Games announcing Borderlands and Game of Thrones, The Division snowdrop engine and Remedy’s Quantum Break.

Mysan found the spot behind the computer monitor that all cats seem to love. She also has taken a liking to the chair with the soft white blanket. So cute. She’s actually a cat born in the wild and was really scared in the beginning. She’s still a bit cautious and hisses from time to time but it’s kinda cute. It feels good to have pet company in the apartment again. I missed it.


Look at this incredibly silly man, haha. Mattias showed me some photos taken at the christmas party today. And he’s like, and hey look at this one. Not sure what you’re doing but I like your pose. No comments. Or wait, alcohol…


Plus, look at this blobface hahahaha. I never said I was handsome thankfully.