There’s so much to tell, even though there’s not been so much going on. But I’m better, I guess that’s something. Right?

We finished Borderlands and now we’re eager to start with the second one. It’s fun to “hang out” with Jonas again. It’s a bit odd to think that we barely talked for like two years. Life. Life is odd. Btw, there’s a Steam sale going on. More specifically the autumn sale. Head on over to and buy games for incredibly discounted prices! Yeah, go on!

I had my dear dear dear neighbors over for movie night. Which when I think about it is something really simple but super duper nice. It’s like the backbone of life, having people to rely on. People with whom you can be yourself without any effort. We watched this movie called Disconnect. It was really good actually. Thoughtful. Not incredibly cheerful but good none the less. And it ended with a great song by Jónsi. Watch it, and listen to this Jónsi – Tornado.

Also ended up feeling a bit bad. Or bad is maybe not the correct word. For me, I’ve often ended up being on the ‘wrong’ side of unrequited love. This time it turns out a person was interested in me but I wasn’t able to return the feelings. It’s flattering but at the same time discomforting since you know you are in a sense letting a person down. I know how heartbroken I’ve been in the past from similar situations. Blah. Hopefully it’ll turn out OK.

It’s been pretty outside the entire weekend, albeit slippery. Slippery when icy. Not that I’ve seen much of it. Had another friend over today and we ate lots of not so healthy stuff and drank liquids that are not entirely healthy for you either. But it was good. And I’m still drunk. Being drunk is good. Especially on a Sunday evening. It’s wearing off though and I’m getting more and more tired by the minute. Passion. Yeah, that was the name of the movie we watched tonight. What an odd movie. It felt poorly executed. But at least it had passion, just like the name implied. Passion in combination with being drunk, that is indeed nice. I miss that. But the movie, that I wouldn’t recommend. Unless of course you want to see something odd and a couple of pretty ladies.

Oh and Paul Walker dying?! That’s just… well, unreal. For some reason you tend to think that artists, actors, and famous people in general are immortal. They live for us, to entertain us and just be there. But sometimes bad things happen even to them. And now those Fast & Furious movies won’t be the same. And lives for certain people won’t either.

Now it’s late. Too late actually. It’ll be nice to sleep tonight even though it’ll be far too little. I’m tired. Really tired. My eyes are closing. I was stupid today btw. Sampled some perfumes, Amor amor for instance, and incidentally came upon an all to familiar one. I love perfumes. They not only smell good but they also put a signature on persons. I’m not sure I have a signature smell but I tend to think of certain people when I smell certain perfumes. Dad. A colleague. A friend. Love.

Today I was taken back 3 years. So vivid. Almost being there. How can a fragrance bring something so distant back to life? With such intensity. Both a blessing and a curse. This one is really good and I recommend it to all the ladies. Reminds me of human skin, a certain someone’s neck, love, passion and being way too drunk on the floor. It’s from Diesel. Fuel for life. They should of called it fuel for love. It’s the female version. Called for her. Her. Why am I still in love? Why am I caressing a ghost? Smell. Voice. Face. Traits. Seems I’m hell bent on torturing myself.. but I deserve it. That’s what you get for being an asshole. For messing up. I fear I’ll never love someone like that again. Right. Good night.



Not so fat anymore at least..