I’m seriously wondering if there’s not something wrong with me, like some light kind of borderline. It’s the rollercoaster effect. One day being really good, the other day not so much. The day before yesterday was really good mostly. Left work a bit early to enjoy the lovely weather and go for a walk. Hung out with a couple of friends and had a nice time all in all. Then today I’ve been completely off all along. Went to the doc appointment in the morning and of course something went wrong so I had to wait for hours to have my blood sample taken. I don’t blame them really since they’re stressed out by lots of work. Unfortunately I tend to easily get affected by things like this so I was tired and out of shape for the entire day. Nauseous, headache and unfocused.

Went home early just to go to bed. Been sleeping for three hours and I’m going back to sleep after this post. It saddens me when this happens. Today I missed out on a fun work event and also hanging out with some good friends. At the same time I must listen to my body and properly deal with the warnings my body is raising. I hate this inner conflict that I have. It also saddens me that I let people down. I had one good thing happen today though and that was an old friend of mine telling me that she might come visit Sweden next summer before going back home. She’s currently on chef education in New York. We don’t speak a whole lot these days but she’s still a valuable friend and always gets me feeling better whatever the situation. Looking forward to that~

This seems to be my 200th post by the way. I was meaning for it to be about something completely different. About me still but a lot more interesting than the regular whine. In any case, I leave you with two lovely photos. Well, they’re lovely to me at least 😉