Remember I mentioned this trip to Stockholm? And Gothenburg? Well, it turned out to be awesome despite some minor hiccups! For instance one of my trains were delayed which meant that I missed another train and thus had to go with another one and yeah. It all worked out for the better in the end.

I had some real nostalgia arriving and waiting at the Falköping train station too. I used to be there a lot when I did military service back in 2003 and 2004. Remember standing there freezing, waiting for the train to arrive, which I would travel with for three hours until finally getting to Enköping. I also have this weird ‘being in love’ association with this place since I read a book a couple of years back whilst being in love and waiting or my love interest to come back home. In the book, one scene played out at a train station and the mental image I had in my head of the place was similar to this one in Falköping, probably because it was easy for me to relate to. So it kinda took me back to that moment and those feelings, which was nice 🙂


When finally arriving in Stockholm we checked in at our hotel for the evening, Central Hotel, which turned out to be nice and they had a great breakfast. Visited this great restaurant as well and had the most delicious steak and beer. Got a bit drunk. Yay, haha. It was nice! But the main event was of course Internetdagarna and it was a mixed bag. I was starstruck when I all of a sudden was standing next to Jimmy Wales (which you can see standing in the bottom right corner of the photo below), the creator of Wikipedia, to which we also listened to later on during his keynote. Fascinating person and a good hearted human being. The work related stuff for which we went was interesting as well, some I already knew about but a couple of other things were new to me. I wish we could have stayed for the second day as well but unfortunately it collided with the concert. I would’ve liked to enjoy Stockholm some more as well. It really is a nice city.


Getting to Gothenburg went without hassle. I must say traveling by train is nice and it allows you to do stuff while going someplace. I watched a lot of Arrow and Walking Dead during this particular trip. And then yeah, Volbeat in a crowd filled Scandinavium. Great feeling! And they played many of my favorite songs as well. Heaven Nor Hell. Cape of Our Hero. Lola Montez. Still Counting. Fallen. The Nameless One. Pearl Hart. I Only Wanna Be With You. Amazing all in all!


Disregard the crappy audio. None the less, awesome song – Heaven Nor Hell! \o/