A couple of days back a friend of mine shared this video with me and being a fan of Danny’s I of course loved this one as well. And I loooove how it flirts with the eighties. Reminds me of TRON. And the music. Sounds like Toto, Journey and Foreigner. Apparently the genre is called AOR (I learned something new). Album oriented rock. Anyways, just take a look at the video and be amazed of what a person can do. And if you like it, just look at his previous videos too, featuring awesome music as well (Band of Horses, Jezabels, etc).

Houston – Runaway

I also want to post these somewhat related videos. They’re about a particularly agitated mountain biker who isn’t super good at climbing steep hills with his bike. Which of course is caught on tape and ending up being hilarious. Haha. I can’t stop watching these. I can somewhat relate to his rage, though he is lots worse than I am thankfully.