Morning sunshines! It’s Saturday~~~

I was feeling a bit blue yesterday after having watched Ender’s Game with Emil. I actually fell asleep around 11pm I think to the sound of Fredagspanelen (SweClockers), haha. Woke up several times during the night though and had some quite intense dreams. I remember one part I was chased by some man or some kind of monster. At the moment I have a shirt hanging by the bedroom window and whenever I woke up I thought it was someone standing over me, wanting to kill me. Or someone that hung himself by the window. Scary. Then I calmed down and fell asleep again and instantly the ‘visions’ reappeared. It’s funny how you can float between being awake and asleep like that and take with you your surroundings into your dreams. Lots of other stuff was going on to and while it sometimes can be a curse to dream like that it’s also pretty cool I must say. You’re like in a different world.

Setting that aside, it’s as I said, Saturday. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and it’s close too noon actually. I’m just going to finish up writing this, fold some laundry and then head out into the fresh air. It’s nice outside now that it’s getting colder and fresher. Apart from that I’m just going to play Borderlands with my friend today and later on in the evening we’re watching the new Hunger Games movie. Tomorrow I’m again heading for Stockholm but this time it’s for work – Internetdagarna. I’m going there on Monday but traveling tomorrow already. After Internetdagarna I immediately take the train to Gothenburg and Scandinavium where we’re going to watch Volbeat. Sweet!


By the way, did I mention we’re getting closer to Christmas? Wow. This last year passed so quickly. Though did it really? We discussed that yesterday and in hindsight you tend to always think that time moved quickly. But looking at 2010, 2011 and 2012 they all seemed like longer years to me. Maybe because so much happened and I experienced so much. Kind of did that this year too though. Oh well. Christmas! Not sure I mentioned already but whenever I think of Christmas I have this fuzzy feeling inside. It’s always a nice time of the year and these past years have been exceptional. Family. Friends. Loved ones. The music. The food. Mulled wine. Movies. Decorations. Lights. Snow. Awwww. Too nice. In two weeks it’s time for the Christmas party at work too. And this year the office closes as usual so I’m on vacation from 23 dec to 2 jan. Niiiiice. Btw, here’s my wish list for the holiday. Take it with a grain of salt, the most important thing for me is having a good time. But you always get people asking what you want. So… 😉

Oh and also, look who’s back! It’s a mixed bag. On on hand it was horrible to not have your bank at your fingertips for instance, being able to check your balance, but it was a relief in a way since you could let your phone and all the obligations go with it. In any case, they fixed it without any hassle so that’s great. Thought they’d start to complain about it being water damaged or something like that. Which would have been funny considering it’s sold as water resistent. Anyway..


I found myself a new artist to appreciate by the way. Got this recommended by a friend who repeated a few of her songs over and over. I have to listen more to this girl since the songs I’ve heard so far are much to my liking!

Maria Mena – I Always Liked That
Maria Mena – Miss You Love
Maria Mena – Homeless
Maria Mena – Home for Christmas
Maria Mena – Just A Little Bit
Maria Mena – Habits
Maria Mena – Sorry

Have a nice weekend folks!


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