Today has been one of those bounce-back days. Coming from a really bad day where life feels quite pointless to being shown that it’s actually pretty decent. Mostly thanks to my coworkers and their twisted sense of humor which is much to my liking. One of today’s topics seemed to be felching. Now I know what that is! In general it’s been a good day at work. Glad I have that to fall back on, as sad as it sounds.

I’m also a fan of how people at work are optimistic when it comes to waste 😉


Apart from that I’ve been taking a walk in the freezing cold Ulricehamn. Also playing this game called Borderlands with my old buddy Jonas. Extremely addictive and fun plus it’s fun to catch up with an old friend through Mumble. An app I can thoroughly recommend.

It’s snowing outside. It’s pretty. Makes me think of a melody that’s very pretty and dear to me. Lots of feelings~