Oh boy have I been tired today. Which in a sense means I should totally be asleep by now but no. Not quite yet! Need to fit another TV series episode in. Can’t decide what to watch though. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead or Witches of East End?! Arrrrgh, the decisions one must make, haha.

Been having a good day today, despite the insomnia. Had the most lovely of shrimp soups at Format. You ought to try it out. De-li-cious! Hung out with my neighbors this evening and watched the latest AHS episode, drank whisky and ate ice cream. Nom nom nom. I think it might just be the best season yet. Maybe. I like witches!

Tomorrow it’s weekend again. AGAIN! Even though you’re a zombie the weeks keep flying by. This weekend I’ve promised myself to rest up properly. Which is funny because then you start to think… what are you gonna do?! Well, tomorrow we’re watching the soccer game. Which in a sense is a bummer since I was invited to Stina’s birthday party. Damn! Then I want to go to Borås to pick up some tickets and maybe find myself something nice. And I wanna race with my little car. And maybe play some games. And see Andreas. And… yeah. Haha. It escalates quite quickly. What I really ought to do is sleep and take long walks.

Life without a smart phone is actually bearable btw. Though you don’t get any photos or stuff like that what so ever. But it’s less stressful and you’re more focused. And the battery lasts for… ever! I kid you not, haha. Which in a way is nice. People should try it out!




I loooove this song! I found it through a mashup that Avicii did. It’s called The Tracks of My Tears and it feels like the story of my life. Love, love, loooove it. Really. And Gavin does a wonderful performance here as well <3

The Miracles – Tracks of My Tears
Donny Hathaway – A Song For You