Eeeek. I’m a bit drunk to be honest. Two beers do that to you if you haven’t eaten anything and you’re extremely tired. Awww man. We had planned an after work for about a week but in the end only me and Björn went out. I forgot to invite a few peeps as well. Ooops. To my defense I must say that I haven’t been too sharp lately. It was really nice though! It’s extremely underestimated to just do something out of the ordinary but not so ambitious on a regular week day. Found a bicycle on the way home which we had lots of fun with for the short while it lasted, haha. Björn had some funny idea that he could make it work but in the end we crashed it down a steep hill. Poor bike!

It’s actually been quite a good day. I needed that. It’s been tough lately. Not so much in terms of being sad or anything, just that my body is so frigging tired and can’t properly deal with whatever stress is going through the system at the moment. Today I decided to call the doc and have my body checked up. Hopefully they’ll find something, or they won’t and I can further investigate what the hell is wrong. My boss was positive to it and it felt good that I’m doing something about it. It’s a nice feeling to turn something negative into something positive.

Yesterday I had Moa save my day by asking me out on a walk. I was set to just stay inside and basically lie on my bed given how tired and dejected I felt. But instead ended going for a walk which was really nice and very much needed. I like her. Maybe because we don’t see each other too often. It’s always refreshing. So thanks! <3 I also had a long chat with Nathalie tonight and this friday I'm having her and her guy plus a couple of others over to watch the soccer game. Gosh, love my friends <3 I would have offered you up with a nice photo of the meat treat I had tonight at the hotel but seeing as I'm stuck with this... well 🙂 Photo on 2013-11-13 at 22.22 #4

Yes, my phone broke. Duh!