This weekend me and Andreas went to Stockholm. Period.

No, just kidding, there’s more to it! It’d been planned for long since we booked tickets to the Monster Jam show at Friends Arena. I think we booked them like real early this year if I remember correctly. We flew up last Friday and to be honest I wasn’t as nervous as I might have suspected. It’s always a nice tingling sensation in your body thanks to the anticipation but it all went well. I like the acceleration and the feeling when you take off. On the way home we could see several Swedish cities lit up by all their street lights which was really cool. I was able to make out Västerås for instance. You realize how up high you are when all that’s down there look so incredibly tiny.


Whilst staying there we also had a real nice time with Andreas’ cousin Max which I hung out with several times this summer. Very cool and funny dude! We actually stayed at his and his mom’s place which was super nice of them. Max’ mom Lisbeth also cooked lovely dinner for us a couple of times and one night we just ended up drinking and talking until quite late which was awesome really. In the end I pretty much passed out on the bed. We also cruised around in Stockholm city a bit, old town for instance which is pretty. Ended up in an Irish pub where we actually saw a famous person. Owwwww! Leif Andre for those of you who are curious. I haven’t really been to Stockholm apart from when I was little so it was nice to see how the subway system works and all that. Now I feel a bit better about going there myself in two weeks. At least I’ll find my way around 🙂


It’s a shame that we didn’t have more time and that I didn’t have more energy. Wanted to go see more shops and see more of Stockholm. It felt like all I did was walking around and sleeping. Well to my defense I did manage to see an old classmate and visit the company he’s editor in chief for. I’ve been curious about what their office looked like and now I know. Lots and lots of computer hardware, hehe. And of course we managed to eat at some nice places as well. Burger, beef and pizza. Yummy!

But of course the main event for the weekend was the Monster Jam show. The noises these trucks made. Insane! So loud and so powerful. It was a spectacular show really. The side events though like this thing called Drummer vs Emulator was kind of off if you ask me. Felt out of place and probably geared towards the younger audience. I don’t regret going though but I think it’s enough to have seen it once. Maybe.. 😉

All in all, lots of fun but it’s good to be home as well!