Yeah I’ve been having some tough days lately. It’s not that I feel bad but my health issues seem to pop up when I least expect it and I have no idea why really. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re getting a good dose of sleep, you feel good, you work out and you exercise your body. Even so, your body feels exhausted. For some reason there seems to be some inner stress in my system. Guess I’ll have to work that out eventually. Soon probably. Can’t live like this. It takes away your focus and it drains your energy. Really. Sigh. And already being a bit weak it’s easier to get affected by other things, things that might start out as positive but ends up affecting you negatively because you’re vulnerable.

Anyway, it has been yet another good day though. I’m trying to at least drag my sorry ass to work every day so as not to create another problem. First half was a mess really with heart skipping beats all the time and feeling like I’d dose off or faint. Decided to not go to the gym today. After lunch it got better though and I decided to hang out with Erik tonight. We spontaneously went to see the second Thor movie which actually surprised me being quite good. Maybe because I didn’t have any expectations what so ever. On the contrary I was thinking that it might be boring. Chris is always fun to see onscreen though and Natalie is of course pretty. It was an entertaining and funny movie with some not so predictable plot twists. Recommended! We rounded the evening off with some Arrow. Oh Arrow~

Tomorrow I’ll try to haul my tired body to the gym to make up for missing today. Hopefully I’ll feel more rested cause tomorrow we’re going to the airport to take the flight to Stockholm. I’ve taken Friday off so that we could go tomorrow instead of late Friday. That way we get almost three whole days in the capital. Sweet. Last time I went to Landvetter it was to see someone off, now I’m going myself. Hopefully it’ll be a more pleasant experience and hopefully the memory won’t fuck my psyche up. Fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, bought some movies as well. Finally got my hands on the first season of Mad Men! Which everybody should totally see. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it’s epicness!